Do Shutters Help Insulate Windows?

With the common American homeowner spending $661 every year on heating bills, it’s not unexpected that homeowners are searching for ways to cut home energy costs.

You might first picture energy-efficient appliances, like ENERGY STAR® heating and cooling units. Or maybe even light bulbs, which can yield large energy savings for your most-used light fixtures.

One of the highest energy leaks in your residence could be a surprise. Your windows can lose up to 30 percent of your home’s heated and cooled air, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

That’s where our energy-efficient shutters, shades and blinds can assist you, giving high-quality light control while assisting in keeping your Oklahoma City home cozier in the winter and more relaxing in the summer.

Window shutters from Louver Shop Oklahoma City are one of the more popular ways to boost energy savings while retaining your residence’s look. We have a model that is certain to match your house, whether you need the look of stained genuine wood shutters or fresh white faux wood shutters.

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How Do Shutters Perform for Insulation?

The right shutters make your home more beautiful, not diminish it, while boosting energy efficiency.

We have what you need with plantation shutters from Louver Shop Oklahoma City. You choose your material, louver thickness and color, and we’ll create outstanding custom shutters here in the U.S. just for your rooms in Oklahoma City, Kansas.

The best shutter material makes a considerable impact when it comes to insulating your windows.

Energy efficiency is frequently gaged by R-value, which takes into consideration the thermal resistance for materials. The bigger the number, the better the insulation.

Here’s how two typical shutter materials stack up for insulation.

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Faux Wood Shutters

Faux wood shutters, also known as PVC or polymer shutters, are ranked at 3.17 R-value, according to a report by the Smart Energy Alliance. That’s the highest R-value for plantation shutters.

This kind of window covering is ideal for any space in your house, even ones with extreme warmth, dampness and sunlight. Our LouverWood™ Shutters can withstand the weather without cracking, peeling or becoming washed out.

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Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are just below artificial wood, stacking up at a 2.77 R-value.

Made from prime U.S. wood with extra- thick panels, our premium Heritage Shutters offer a grand style to your residence.

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Desiring a striking visual effect for your windows? Our exclusive Signature Shutters include a contoured tilt bar and beveled louvers.

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Hybrid Shutters

Classic Shutters, our best-selling hybrid plantation shutters, include the most desired components of our select shutters.

Classic Shutters have the strength of stiff wood frames and the energy efficiency of man-made wood louvers.

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Lower Heating and Cooling Expenses with Our Shutters

With shutters from Louver Shop Oklahoma City, you can achieve both an attractive and energy-efficient home for a long time. Book a free, in-home consultation now to get started creating the plantation shutters of your dreams.

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